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Have you caught the NFT's?

I sure hope you have. It can be the most profitable fever you have ever caught!

N.F.T. Definition: Non Fungible Token. Which means you can not exchange it for anything else for equal value. You can take a $100 bill and break or exchange it for two $50 bills. With the NFT you can't due to the fact that is a one of a kind!

Its is referred to a a token due tot he fact that is a actually unit of currency or cryptocurrency that is actually on the blockchain. it can be bought sold or traded that same way other cryptocurrencies are done on the blockchain.

When you buy a NFT, you get a one of a kind or a one of # or series. You get a certificate of authenticity to prove that you have proof that that particular NFT is actually yours. Now you need to understand that you cannot actually hold it in your hand ( unless you print it out or create it with a 3-d printer) it will be contained within your cell phone or computer) So in reality for a lock of a better term you are buying the right to a photo, video, statue or whatever type of NFT you are buying.

Ready to get one for yourself. You need to first get some ETH or Ethereum in your wallet, maybe a whole lot depending on your current budget.

Then you can go to a website like:

There you can find something to your liking. Explore the new world of NFTS. heck, create some of your own if your the creative type.!

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