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HOLD ON TIGHT!! Maintaining that good/great credit score!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Monitoring your score: You need to have a monitoring service, no not a free one like Credit Karma. A real one that monitors your credit and will alert you if any changes to you score or profile. For suggestion visit the resources page!



Utilization: To maintain your need score, you need to keep your utilization as low as possible. Ideally under 5%.

Old accounts: Do not close old accounts. If you close old account you take the risk of losing years of your credit report s history. so just cause you don't use it... Still keep it open.

AutoPay: Don't run the chance of forgetting your payment. Set up AutoPay through your bank or the creditor.

Inquiries:. When you apply for credit, a hard credit inquiry is added to you credit profile. We you apply for an apartment they perform a soft pull, which is just a look at your credit score and profile.

Need for credit: Don't wait until you need credit. Apply for it strategically. Applying for additional credit in a short period of time will add a list of hard inquiries to your credit profile. each inquiry can drop your credit score anywhere from 2 to 15 points per inquiry. So only apply every 4-6 months. Inquires stay on you report for two years. However over time they lose their impact on your score. As you pass time milestones each 6 months!

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