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Insurance: Check up!

Now the perfect time to go over the types of insurance you should be looking at.

The type of insurance that you need is going to be a personal decision based on your lifestyle and your financial situation.

Life Insurance:

Figure out which is best for you a term life policy or whole life policy is also dividend-paying policies as well get wet suits you talk to your insurance agent make an educated decision. Ensure that you insure your family in case you're not there to take care of them.

Health Insurance:

Make sure that you have a good policy with a reasonable deductible you don't want to hide the deductible just trying to save on premiums Because of an incident happens if you got a $10,000 deductible we have to hit that deductible before they are due any kind of coverage. One medical incident can ruin you financially!

Auto Insurance:

this is probably one of the most important insurances besides for life that you're going to get. Ensure that your policy hovers the vehicle fully if you need to have gap insurance and show her that you'll get it that it will cover the price of the replacement of your vehicle at today's price. Do a comparison between a zero, $250, $500 and $1,000 deductible or the max deductible that your insurance company can issue.

You will see there's a heck of a difference between in the cost of the policy or the premium based on the deductible. I suggest you get the highest deductible that you can afford it says $1,000 put that thousand dollars in a safety deposit box or your bank account that you can't easily have access to until this time that use it that way you're saving on the premium. Auto insurance is one of those necessary evils you don't want to pay for it but you need to have it when you need it!

Umbrella policy:

A lot of folks don't know but this is the best policy you can get for your money that will give you the peace of mind that you deserve. For a mere $9 a month, you can have a million dollars worth of coverage. this policy kicks in with your regular homeowners insurance or auto insurance stops and then from that point forward till you max out. Please consult you insurance rep for more information.

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