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Its all about the Dividends, Baby!

Fam I hope you been reading our post, as you look down through our previous post you see the one about stocks, bonds mutual funds and especially dividend stocks.

Why would you not want to support a company that supports you. Why would you not want to own a stock like Nike, Apple or Microsoft, that will pay you a monthly, quarterly or yearly dividend for your support of their company and owning their stock. My philosophy pay me for supporting you!

I am very, very big on dividend stocks. Why? The biggest reason is they pay you to own the stock. Like Nike, Microsoft Apple, Nintendo they pay you for owning their stock. Why would you buy a regular common stock,invest your money and you get nothing in return the only way you can profit is by selling the stock.

Instead you can purchase a dividend paying stock one time, and for each share that you own you will get paid a dividend for the month, quarter or yearly.

And if you reinvest your dividends as they accumulate each month each quarter or yearly you'll be able to purchase more stocks for free.

Our son which is only 10 years old already has portfolio with stocks that pay dividends. His favorite one is Nintendo. I said to him, you have the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo switch and oodles of games, so I explained to him how the process worked so one of his biggest purchases was Nintendo switch does pay a dividend look to the left!

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