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Monitoring your credit!

Credit Score & Profile:

Legends, it is vital that you monitor your credit report and credit score as a minimum monthly. The last thing you want to do is be ready to make a Major purchase and find out that their is incorrect information on your credit report, and your score is lower than what's needed to qualify or information that should be on there, that's not on there.

Monitoring you score & profile needs to be done or as a minimum monthly, set up alerts, so if there's a big change, whether it's good or bad you'll be notified soon as it's done.

Some people think that this is a waste of money, however that is incorrect. This is probably one of the best uses of your money that can save you time, money, & future headaches by having your credit score and profile in the proper position to help you achieve your goals.

   As a legacy legend we have an exclusive offer for you to provided by identity IQ. Life is all about choices and options. NOTICE; There are tow credit scoring models!

    VANTAGE score: advantage score uses a single multi bureau model that's a combination of your score between TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. Vantage score range goes from 300 to 850 which is similar to FICO.

    FICO score: the FICO score is made specifically for each bureau; so you have one for Experian, one for Equifax and one for TransUnion. In relation to the FICO score they won't use any new account until it's at least six months old. Your FICO score goes from the low of 350 to the top at 850.

Well,with that was said above to let you know that 80% of all financial institutions uses the FICO score model as their choice to determine your lendability.

So after speaking with Identity IQ, we are now able to provide you with two options made exclusively for you:

Option one: if you just want to monitor your score of the monthly and not particular if it's the vantage score or FICO score you can get a monthly plan for $21.99 per month. Click here: Identity IQ/Vantage score

Option two: if you are particular and want the actual FICO score they have the option to receive your three FICO scores and reports monthly for only $27.99 per month.

Click here: Identity IQ/FICO Score So, make a choice now, monitor your personal credit score and profile. Know when there is an issue and correct it before it impacts your life.

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