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Who is Dow Jones?

In all actuality the Dow Jones is a stock market index that measures the stock performance of just 30 large companies! yes, you read that correctly, only a tiny portion of the entire market. There are thousands of companies on the market being traded each day.


And just because the Dow Jones went up or the Dow Jones went down it does not mean that your stock went up or down. Of if it crashed it took your portfolio down with it.

It's time to increase your knowledge about the market as a whole. you learn about investing in stocks, the different types of stocks, what dividends are and so on. By increasing your knowledge you can reduce your risk. This knowledge you can teach your family, that will allow them to make money in the market in the future as well.

And once you get to a certain level you will see that you can make money in the stock market whether the market goes up or down. It's just a matter of getting educated... increase your knowledge reduce the risk!!!

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