Why you should have and USE a budget!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

In order to take control of you finance today, one must know how much is coming in, and exactly where ever single dollar is actually going.

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“I dont need a budget. I know where my money went.” How many time have you said those words?

'The first step in getting a hold on you r finances in order to ensure that each dollar is helping to progress further on your financial journey.

Using a budget will allow you to create a spending plan to help you get and pay for the things you need toady and may want in the future. It can also help you to get and stay out of debt. The issue come with making the budget and sticking to it. It will show you where each dollar is supposed to go, how it is helping you to pay off debt, pay for your lifestyle, and life's necessities. It will also show that your money is actually working for you, and helping you to reach any financial goal you have set.

7 Benefits to using a budget

1. Taking control of your finances.

Using the budget will allow you to know hat your money is doing for you. Where it went, and allow you the peace of mind , that you are in control of your finances. You can get a snapshot to decide how and where to adjust accordingly should you have a change in goal or income status.

2. Helps you focus on future goals

Do you want to purchase a home and need a down payment? Yes, you will be able to move money from one pot to the other with ease. Enabling you to fully stay on track with other obligations. You know what to keep your focus on, the end goal! This budget is a financial road map going from today to you financial destination that your on.

3. Plan for a better retirement

You will come to realize that the longer you stay on track and follow your budget, the more likely you will be to reach your long term financial foals, specifically your retirement. Ensure you have allocated for the day you plan to retire and adjust accordingly. These are the sacrifices that you have to make today, in order to do what you want in the future.

4. Avoiding debt and improving your credit

Are you meeting all your financial obligations. Are you missing payments? Are you all of sudden coming up short each month? Having that credit card in your pocket or purse will require strength. Yes, you could buy it, and make the minimum payment for years, and pay more in interest than the item is worth...and to the detriment of you finances. The plan is to never get deterred when its at all possible.

5. Can you really afford that "want"?